I or ME?

Subject pronouns

A subject pronoun replaces a noun or noun phrase.

  • Mariama calls me every day. She calls me every day
  • Miguel and Tabatha eat breakfast every morning. They eat breakfast every morning


  • I like chocolate cake.
  • You travel often.
  • He wants ice cream.
  • She rides her bike to work.
  • The bird is hungry. It wants food.
  • I cannot find my mobile phone. Do you know where it is?
  • We swim in the lake.
  • (Fabien and Inge) You are early!
  • The students are writing an exam. They are reading and writing.

A subject pronoun functions as a subject of the verb

Subject pronouns: I, you, he, she, it, we, you, they.

  • Who is writing an exam? They are writing an exam.
  • Who rides a bike? She rides a bike.
  • Who likes chocolate? I like chocolate.

  • Paolo likes chocolate cake. He likes chocolate cake.
  • I like chocolate cake.
  • Paolo and I like chocolate cake. We like chocolate cake.
  • He and I like chocolate cake. We like chocolate cake.
  • Paolo and Paola like chocolate cake. They like chocolate cake.

Tip: Object pronouns never function as subjects of the verb.

Tip: We do not say Paolo and me like chocolate cake. Me is an object pronoun. It does not function as a subject of the verb. We say:

  • Paolo and I like chocolate cake.

Note: I can be used with than when than is a subordinating conjunction

  • She is younger than I am.

Tip: Both “She is younger than I” and “She is younger than me” are considered correct.

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