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Present Simple

We use the present simple tense to:

  • Talk about habits, facts, and general truths
    • I play computer games.
    • She works in Milan.
    • Madrid is a city in Spain.
    • Snow is white.
    • Harry smokes.
    • His father is Spanish.
    • It snows a lot in Alaska.
    • Wood floats.
  • Describe repeated actions
    • We drive to work every day.
    • I wake up at 7 AM every morning.
    • You travel once a year.
    • He never forgets his gloves.
    • They frequently watch movies.
    • She often visits her parents.
    • They often drink tea in the morning.
  • Talk about the future.
    • The airplane lands at 10 PM tonight.
    • My parents arrive tomorrow.
    • The meeting is next week.
    • The math exam is this afternoon.

Try the present tenses quiz!

FORM: Base verb (the verb without TO)

  • I eat, YOU eat, SHE eatS, HE eatS, WE eat, YOU eat, THEY eat.
  • For IT, we add S at the end of the verb. IT snowS every winter.

Tip: HE, SHE, IT: add an S at the end of the base verb!

I workDo I work?I do not work OR I don’t work
You workDo you work?You do not work OR You don’t work
He worksDoes he work?He does not work OR He doesn’t work
She worksDoes she work?She does not work OR She doesn’t work
It worksDoes it work?It does not work OR It doesn’t work
We workDo we work?We do not work OR We don’t work
You workDo you work?You do not work OR You don’t work
They workDo they work?They do not work OR They don’t work
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