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Future Progressive

Some people say future continuous. Some people say future progressive. The choice is yours.


WILL or GOING TO + BE + the present participle (base verb + ing)

  • I will be walking to work tomorrow.
    • I am going to be walking to work tomorrow.
  • I will be speaking to the client next week.
    • I am going to be speaking to the client next week.

Why do we use the future progressive?

  • To talk about actions that will be in progress at a certain point or at a certain time period in the future.
    • Next month, she will be working in her new job.
  • To talk about something we will be doing in the future. To place ourselves in the future.
    • Next summer, they will be studying in London.
    • We will be celebrating your birthday next month.
  • To predict or guess future events.
    • I guess you will be snorkeling while you are in Hawaii.
    • Please don’t call me before 10 AM. I will be sleeping.

Forming questions:

  • Where will you be staying during your trip?
  • What kind of music will they be playing at the party?
  • Will they be coming to the meeting?

The negative:

  • We will not be celebrating this year.
  • Ethan will not be snorkeling because he will be scuba diving instead.
  • They will not be attending the meeting tomorrow.


  • I will still be working on my report tomorrow.
  • They will still be playing outside when we get home.
  • I will not be joining you because I will still be preparing for the party.

With the simple present.

Tip: We can use the future progressive and the simple present tenses in the same sentence to talk about the future.

  • You will be reading the report by the time I arrive.
  • They will be working on the project when the bell rings.
  • We will be driving when the sun goes down.

To make predictions or assumptions about the present.

  • She will be studying now. (We think she is studying now.)
  • He will be getting ready for the meeting. (He is probably getting ready for the meeting now.)
  • Don’t call them now. They will be sleeping. (We assume they are sleeping because it’s very late.)
  • Roberta and Luciano’s plane left at 8 PM. I wonder where they are? They will be driving to the hotel by now. (They have probably landed and are on their way to the hotel.)
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