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Accuracy or fluency? What is the goal?

Accuracy means making very few mistakes. Your goal is to be grammatically accurate in your communication and use the right vocabulary.

Fluency means speaking easily and quickly. You do not worry about making mistakes, but you probably make some. Your goal is to communicate your message.

Achieving a balance takes time, so don’t worry about making mistakes.

If you want to improve accuracy:

  • Accept that you will make mistakes.
  • If you hear yourself making a mistake, take the time to correct it.
  • Make a note of “repeated” mistakes. When you make that mistake again, correct yourself.
  • Use grammar and vocabulary you know.
  • Don’t be in a hurry to speak. Take you time and think about what you’re saying.

Tip: Do not speak too slowly!

If you want to improve fluency:

  • Communicate naturally. You may make mistakes, but your goal is to create a natural flow.
  • Speak English as often as you can and with as many people as you can.
  • Be confident! You know more English than you think.
  • Focus on the message. Communicate your message. You may not use an adjective well or the appropriate verb tense, but keep going!
  • Practice. Practice. Practice. Speak at home. You can stand in front of a mirror or record yourself. You can be your audience.

Tip: Do not allow your mistakes to slow you down.

Try to spend time working on accuracy and the same amount of time working on fluency. Eventually, you will find a comfortable balance!

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