The definite article THE

THE is a determiner. We place THE before a noun or adjective. 

  • before an adjective
    • The English drink tea.
    • The red ones are beautiful.
  • when there is only one of its kind
    • The moon is bright tonight.
    • The sky is blue.
  • to talk about specific objects or people
    • The girls who are playing outside are having fun.
    • The cups on the table are full.
  • to talk about a specific object or person
    • The girl who called me yesterday is nice.
    • The cup on the table is full.
  • before ordinal numbers, superlatives, decades, and centuries
    • The first chapter of the book was interesting.
    • The second car is blue, the first is green.
    • The Beatles became popular in the sixties.
    • She is the youngest person in the room.
    • This is the 21st century!
  • before ONLY (sometimes)

    • He was the only person in the room.
    • This is the only pen I have.
      • There are only three cookies left.
  • before Kingdom, Republic, geographical areas, the names of oceans, and the name of countries that have plural names
    • The Netherlands are in Europe.
    • The Republic of China is not in Europe.
    • The Pacific Ocean is large.
    • I have not been to the Alps or the Philippines.
  • before the names of newspapers, works of art, museums, buildings, and hotels
    • I read the Huffington Post and the Wall Street Journal every day.
    • I have visited the Louvre.
    • The Eiffel Tower is in Paris.
    • The Hilton is a popular hotel.
    • The Mona Lisa is in the Louvre museum.
  • to talk about a family as a group
    • The Smiths travel every summer.
    • The Thomas family lives next door.

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