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How do dogs run?

Dogs run quickly. Quick is an adjective. Quickly is an adverb. Slow is an adjective. Slowly is an adverb.

The bus shelter

The store is far from my house.


Did she travel abroad?

How do horses run?

Some horses run fast and others run slowly. Fast is an exception. Fast is an ADJECTIVE and an ADVERB.

How did she walk?

She walked carefully because it was snowing. Carefully is an adverb. Careful is an adjective.

The movie

The movie is playing nearby so we can walk.

How did they drive home?

They drove home fast. Fast is an exception and we say FAST, not FASTLY. FAST is used as an ADJECTIVE and as an ADVERB.

Choose the correctly formed sentence

The children were playing indoors.

When does he swim?

He swims every Tuesday. We place EVERY before the word it describes.

When is the meeting?

We have a meeting tomorrow. We can also say: Tomorrow, we have a meeting. We place the adverb TOMORROW at the beginning or at the end of the sentence or clause.


When we visited Madrid, we walked everywhere. We do not need the preposition TO in this sentence.

When did they arrive?

The meeting was at 9 AM. The clients arrived late. Late is an exception. We do not use LATELY in this sentence.

How often is the magazine printed?

It is a weekly magazine. Weekly is an adverb. The magazine is published every week.

Which sentence is correct?

The car was nearby.

Where are the cats?

The cats are outside.


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